Who Am I?

My name is Rachel Crilley, I am a 22 year old from Grapevine, Texas. I studied American Studies and Sociology at the University of Alabama (“Roll Tide!”). At Alabama, I was very involved in Ukirk the PCUSA campus ministry. There I served as an intern and helped build relationships between the students on campus connecting them with the surrounding community.  I am so looking forward to my Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) Year in South Korea. In college I studied American culture and the impact the rest of the world has on the United States, so I am very much looking forward to expanding this scope and learning how the United States makes an impact on the world. I hope to spend this year of service expanding my world view and furthering my walk with God. Currently, I am planning to attend Princeton Theological Seminary and anticipate to start my studies there after my YAV year. I cannot wait to start this year of discernment and exploration!YAV Picture